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Getting Around In Tuscany

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Though Tuscany is not an exceptionally large geographical region, understanding the various modes of transportation is of crucial importance. The area consists of large cities, mountains, hills, and small villages. Thus, your destination will invariably dictate the type of transportation used. Traveling in Tuscany is not difficult, but planning in advance will guarantee a more enjoyable experience.

The few major roads which cross Tuscany are sufficient for travel between urban centers. In order to access rural areas and smaller villages, it is necessary to use the smaller provincial thoroughfares. These are often single-lane roads which wind dramatically, so an extremely cautious approach to driving is suggested. With scenery as breathtaking as a Tuscan countryside, who would really want to rush?

Many tourists choose to stay in the many beautiful and historic Tuscany villas and holiday homes. These properties are often situated in stunning rural locations or in delightful small villages and hamlets. While this rural idyll may be appealing, it does mean that having a car available is a necessity during your stay.

While cars offer a great deal of flexibility, they come with a heavy price: Italy has one of the highest average fuel rates in Europe. To help avoid such costs, alternative modes of transportation are readily available. Tuscany’s railway system connects all of the larger cities in the region. The travel times rarely exceed a few hours. Trains may not afford the flexibility of a car, but they can defray your otherwise expensive transportation costs. So sit back, relax, and let someone else handle the navigation! Intricate bus systems operate both in urban areas and as connectors to rural villages.

The bus lines operate cheaply and service nearly the entire country. Many companies even offer bicycle tours. Imagine reveling in the mild Tuscan climate as you pedal from place to place! Be advised, though, that Tuscany is known for its hilly geography – a bicycle tour is not recommended for a novice cyclist.

The decision to travel to Tuscany can be rewarding. In order to efficiently explore its cities and villages, however, arranging transportation is necessary. Proper planning and budgeting will ensure that your Tuscan holiday will be the pleasant experience you’ve always wanted.

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