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Tuscany Climate

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Tuscany’s mild climate is one of its most attractive features. Travelers from areas with more extreme weather will be pleasantly surprised. Tuscany does have its seasonal variations, but the climate tends to remain consistently temperate. Each season provides a wealth of opportunities and experiences. Researching the Tuscan climate is essential when tailoring a getaway to your specific needs and comfort levels.

Tuscany’s mildest weather occurs during the Spring (from late March through late May) and early Autumn (September through early November). During these months the weather tends to be warm, but not overwhelmingly hot (averaging approximately 21 degrees Celsius). The warm days are contrasted by cooler evenings. It is important to note that the Spring is usually Tuscany’s rainiest season. The rains eventually taper off by May. Summer is warmer (averaging approximately 28 degrees Celsius) and noticeably more humid in the coastal areas. As during the Spring, the warmer afternoons are offset by pleasantly cool nights. Winter is perhaps the most surprising of the seasons (averaging approximately 12 degrees Celsius). While it tends to lack any strong presence of harsh weather, the season is typically quite sunny.

An awareness of Tuscany’s varied climate patterns is a crucial. For example, many of the older holiday villas in Tuscany, particularly the historic buildings, can be very cold outside of the summer – even with the heating on – and so may be unsuitable for children, the elderly and those with certain  ailments.

Climate tends to be an element easily overlooked when planning a holiday. While the Tuscan climate offers a generally mild environment with subtle variations between most seasons, the ideal time for a visit depends on which season suits your personality. The predictable weather patterns of the region make it easy to plan the excursion of your dreams. Unlike in many parts of the world, Tuscany temperatures do not fluctuate wildly from season to season. It does not get all that hot in the summer, and the temperatures are still comfortable even in the fall and winter months. You can still enjoy Tuscany no matter what time of year you take your holiday.


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  1. Canan says:

    Go to your local Barnes Noble (no, wait run there!) and pick up a copy of Rick Steve’s travel book. Rick does Europe tgourhh the Back Door on PBS. Used his book on a tour of Venice and Liguria / Cinque Terre. Invaluable insights and unfailingly good recommendations. Pick up his Italian phrase book, too, and bring it with you. Just a little book, but it will help you in spades.I am going this Friday to Florence and Tuscany; bringing Rick with me and my husband, too.By the way, Venice is wonderful, but the Cinque Terre is not-to-be-missed, especially if you like to hike. Every step is like walking tgourhh a gorgeous picture postcard. Besides, how can you beat eating a pesto pasta in a sidewalk cafe overlooking the Mediterranean ocean in the place where they invented pesto pasta?Have fun!

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